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Fantastic Alhambra Terracotta clay tiles

Alhambra Terracotta clay tiles are known for their distinctive beauty and quality and can be used in homes, commercial, or industrial businesses. If you're interested in acquiring Alhambra Terracotta clay tiles, just get in touch with our team today for assistance.


Length: 18 inch

Width: 6 ¼ to 8 ¼ inch

Weight: 6.75 lb.

Units per Square: 180 pieces

NOA # 19-0123.08

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  • 15-year warranty

  • Family owned and operated

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Handcrafted Tiles Made in Central America!


Alcazar Rustic Tiles LLC can also help you with Flashblend and Artemanos Southern Blend tiles, handcrafted in Central America.


Contact us today for help with your clay tile needs. We have the highest quality products available for you!

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